Research Projects

Imbibing an aptitude and fostering a culture for research is very essential and the college aims to do the same through its teaching-learning process and various research-oriented activities. Research in Humanities and Social Sciences emphasizes contexts and primarily focuses on community and societal needs; whereas in Science it links knowledge, experience and evidences. The college enjoys the privilege of having the maximum number of research supervisors among the affiliated colleges of the state. Erudition of the faculty has been recognized at National/International level which has added new dimensions to the reputation of the college. The college is a Government organization has to depend on various external funding agencies that provide financial support to pursue research activities. Different such agencies that have been providing funds to the institute during the recent past are UGC, DST, DBT, CSIR, BRNS, ICSSR etc. Research acumen of the faculty is reflected in the accomplishment of Major and Minor Research Projects, TRF, PDF, the participation of scholars and faculty in National and International Conferences, and research publications. The research laboratories of the science faculty are well equipped and harbor some of the latest instruments. Smart Science Lab, GCRC, BIRC, Museums, ICT Lab, innovative projects and Language Lab speak volumes about the research facilities available in the college. Seminars, Conferences of National and International level and Workshops are organized independently and in collaboration. Other activities that add on to the research environment and inculcate research aptitude among students include field projects, surveys, excursions, visit research laboratories and institutes.