Geological Museum

Prof B.S.Paliwal’s Museum of Geology is one of the best Geological Museums in Rajasthan. The uniqueness of the museum is its vast collection of around 4000, standard size well labeled and displayed geological samples. The samples are collected in the general geological tours, mapping and mining training camps, which are compulsorily a part of M.Sc Geology course. These specimens well represent almost all the major Rock formations of the country. The samples are displayed in wooden and glass showcases. The Museum samples have been classified into different sections:

Rock section: displays all the three rock types viz igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock samples representing all possible diversity of geological time and geographical distribution.

 Mineral section: representative varieties of all Rock forming minerals, economic minerals are displayed in this section .this section contains a further division of beautiful crystals of certain mineral varieties.

 Fossil section: micro and mega fossils of almost all phyllums and classes are displayed in this section.

Structural features section: various structures which have developed in rocks as a result of dynamism of the mother earth have been displayed in this section.

 Wall section :the walls of the Museum have  been decorated with various charts ,geological maps mineral maps, Tectonic  maps etc. beautiful field photographs  representing the research work of the faculty and research scholars add to the academic research ambience of the department

This departmental museum is visited by students and faculty of all the geology departments of various colleges and universities of the country who happen to visit Bikaner for their geological field work.